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About Parties by Stacey

Parties by Stacey-Founded in 2003
The best part of being an Adult Toy Consultant is enabling women to take charge of their sexuality--in a safe, comfortable, and fun environment! Through in-home parties women can view and ask questions about products to enhance their intimate relationships.

Book a Party & Earn Free Products!
Call it a girl's night out, sex toy party, passion infused party, slumber party, pleasure party, the list goes on... Parties by Stacey are sure to be fun and educational and will lead you to a night of pure passion. Parties by Stacey are presented tastefully and sensitively and are great for all kinds of special events such as bachelorette parties, a divorce party, birthday, or a couples party. Ask me for details, I’m here to answer your questions and serve your needs whether you seek exciting, stimulating products, a fun educational home party, one-on-one consultation, or a new business opportunity.

Most people are ever so curious about the adult products that are available that can enable them to enrich their romantic lives. Unlike shopping in “one of those stores” or via catalogs or the Internet, a Parties by Stacey adult home party shopping experience touches the senses – you can see, feel, smell, taste and touch the products - confidentially and discreetly.

When you host an Adult Sex Toy Party by Stacey, you and your friends will be exposed to alluring and tantalizing products. These products include fragrant and flavorful indulgences such as shower gels, lotions & oils, books & games, lingerie, and last but not least, adult bedroom toys! To find out more, contact me on how you can get the items you want absolutely FREE!!!

Adult Sex Toy Parties by Stacey captures the secret of successful relationships, the knowledge that every women wants to know, and the essence that lies deep in the heart of every woman’s dreams. The essence of passion!

Our products stimulate interesting conversations, and women experience a renewed sense of female camaraderie. Ladies not only take home new ideas to put the spark back in their relationship, they will also be provided with new techniques, and will sample some of our exclusive products.

As the host of a Sex Toy Party, there is also an opportunity for you to get free products! If you host a Party by Stacey at your home, we have a generous hostess program with free products and money for a shopping spree.

Call or Email me to schedule your party today. Set a date, invite your friends, learn and experience new and exciting things, and have a GREAT party!

Become a Consultant

There is a saying, "Find something that you love to do, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Hosting a party is the first step towards Being Your Own Boss.

Aspire beyond your wildest dreams of independence and financial stability. Create a sisterhood that will last a lifetime. Touch the lives of women and couples around the world with a hint of entertainment and a keen sense of what all women need...passion!

Adult Toy Parties by Stacey offers women a unique business opportunity to be their own boss, earn an above-average income and be in control of their careers as a Sex Toy Consultant.

The income opportunities are endless. No one in the industry gives you more opportunities to earn: increased discounts, cash bonuses, additional monthly checks, free products and credit towards jewelry, trips around the world and even cash! Helping you break away from the wear and tear of corporate related jobs, a Sex Toy Adult Consultant allows you be creative and passionate about your career.

An Adult Toy Consultant is more than a business; it’s a solution for all women to be financially independent while attending to other parts of their lives. It’s the key to a rewarding life!

If you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to book a Sex Toy Party, please feel free to contact me at 414.507.6825.